The Great Peace. An Address by Hilary Chesters

We are told that if we draw close to Spirit, we will experience the greatest peace. What is that peace? How will it manifest itself and more importantly, how can we draw close to Spirit?

I myself draw close by music. A popular tune can please my ears, but a hauntingly beautiful stream of gentle music that floats round me and enters my mind and body can bring me to the greatest relaxation I know.

Some people prefer perfect quietness when they can hear only the voices within themselves; others find the peace they require when they are at one with nature, walking in a wood, across a heath or meadow. To some the gentle sounds of water are their passport to inner calm.

Where ever we find it, it is right for us. Any environment that brings about a calming of the physical senses, lessens the worries of our worldly cares and brings us to a state of tranquillity has to be good.

To some, that inner tranquillity will be sufficient, a balm to their troubled hearts and minds and the strength to face whatever has to be faced.

But for me it has to go deeper than that. Not only a becalming of my mind and a detachment from earth bound thoughts – but an upliftment of my spirit to greater heights. I can cast off small worries that usually niggle me, when I see them in relation to the greater order of things.

It is not ‘what’ happens to us in this life, but ‘how’ we cope with it. The tests are hard. Sometimes they bring financial worries, sometimes deep concern for a loved one who might be ill or in trouble. Sometimes people are lonely, afraid, feel abandoned and desolate – and there are always people who are sick or who live under severe strain. All these people have a great need of inner peace but because of the circumstances they find themselves in, find it impossible to attain.

If only they could visualise their lives from a great distance away, they would come to see how short this time of despair is in relationship to the length of time their spirit will exist.

Take heart, you are not alone at these times. The room you sit in might seem empty except for yourself, but the love of God and the fellowship of Spirit are always there – I promise you.

We came from Spirit – and we will return to Spirit – and Spirit does not desert us in the in between time. Each test on this Earth of ours makes us discover a part of ourselves we might never have known we had until ‘put to the test’

It is a well-known expression that ‘God gives the back to fit the burden’ but how do we cope when we think that God got it wrong this time and our back is not broad enough for the burden. We simply turn to God and ask him to broaden our back ‘ Please help me God for I don’t know how I am going to get through this’ is a phrase I have often used myself. But as ‘Sure as God made little green apples’ if you will excuse an earthly expression, he can surely make the back strong enough when asked. How many times have we woken in a morning and knowing of a trial to be got through that day, wondered how we are going to cope, and found to our amazement, that we do make it, and as sure as God did make those little green apples, our head hits the pillow that night – the trial has been got through somehow.

That ‘somehow’ is the important word. That ‘somehow’ came from God, he helped us, carried and sustained us and helped us to find the strength we never thought we had. The exhaustion of the trial is quickly followed by the jubilation of having succeeded where we thought we would fail.

How great is this Peace!

On Life and Death. An Address by Rachel Arnold

Life and death are two parts of a whole, two parts of our existence, mutually compatible. One cannot exist without the other; both to be honoured, respected and valued.

We spend so much time fearing death that we do not take the opportunity to live. Death is not to be feared, it is the continuance of life. A mere blink of the eye, a step out into the unknown maybe, but a step forwards into a realm we cannot imagine, but a world surrounded by love and those who love us. We should not fear death, but embrace it when the time comes.

Likewise, we should not long for death; it will come when the time is right. Just as we must embrace death then we must also embrace life. We have chosen to come here for a reason. We have chosen to experience the physical joys of life, to luxuriate in the wonders of our five physical senses. To feel the water rippling over our feet as we paddle in the sea; to smell the unique and beautiful scent of a perfect rose in the early morning; to hear music that touches our soul and brings tears to our eyes; to taste the most luscious of fruit as we bite into it and juice runs down our chins; to watch in wonder and awe at the rising and setting of the sun with all its myriad of colours.

We are also here to learn and for spiritual development. If our physical lives were eternal then we would have no impetus to face our challenges and to make the most of them. We must therefore take every opportunity to connect with the world, with our friends, family and wider community, and also with nature. Do not waste time on fret and worry. Life is too short for that. Embrace it with joy and share that joy with everyone and everything around you. This is your personal responsibility. This is your opportunity for progress of your soul.

Do not give of yourself so much that you become a burden to others. If you have not looked after yourself properly, then you are not capable of fully helping others. Instead, in giving help, you may then lean on others for support yourself. You are just transferring the burden and not addressing it. You need to seek to heal yourself first so that the help that you give others is a joy and not a chore. Your joy will be infectious and will heal those whom you help and will give you even more strength to continue to provide that help and support to the person and others. This is because joy is based on love and love is boundless and will multiply if given the chance. So do not help people because it is your duty, help them because you are filled with love.

Your first personal responsibility is to look after your own, physical, emotional and spiritual well-bring. As they say, get your own house in order before you can help others. Let go of your worries. Face each challenge like a new day. Accept that, for whatever reason, you have chosen to experience these challenges in your life and by dealing with them you will achieve spiritual growth. The greatest learning comes from the most difficult of tasks. You may consider that you are suffering, but try to view this suffering as learning instead. There are hard lessons to be learnt, but through them you will become a stronger, more rounded and compassionate soul.

Nothing in this world lasts for ever, everything is temporary. Your struggles of today will become a memory of tomorrow. Many struggles you create in your own mind by overthinking what may or not happen; worrying about things that never materialise. Tomorrow, or in a week, a month, or a year, you will have forgotten the majority of these worries. You will remember the difficult times, but you will have fond memories of specific events and even moments of laughter that occurred at the darkest of times. It is these fond memories and humorous moments that you should hang on to. Don’t dwell on the difficult times, you have survived them and you are still here. All of this is part of a much greater plan than you can imagine.

Most importantly just enjoy the good times. Do not let them be overshadowed by worry. Each day take a few moments to look around you. Walk out and experience whenever you can the joys of nature. All the world is there to see, if you open your eyes wide enough. Do not be afraid of letting go, if only for a moment, to experience the wonder of the world and let it seep into your soul and provide upliftment. Be grateful for what you have. Every day think of at least three things for which you are grateful. They do not have to be big things, but just take a moment to be thankful and either say out loud or in your head – thank you for each of these things. When you get the opportunity: sing, dance, laugh, shout with joy, smile, hug, kiss and most of all love. Love everything and everyone. They are all a part of you – even your grumpy next door neighbour. Love him for his grumpiness. Laugh at yourself for this. Be happy! It’s ok to be happy – you are allowed. It’s your personal responsibility to find happiness as from happiness comes strength.

With strength you will be in a fit state to help others. You will have that joy that you can share with them and bring upliftment without becoming worn down by their worries and problems. You will have built yourself a spiritual armour of joy and love. Of course, there will be days when your armour feels a bit flimsy and weak. That is a signal to recharge your batteries and to take a break. If we had such strong spiritual armour that we could withstand anything, we would not need to be on this path of spiritual development. So accept that you are still learning but it is an amazing opportunity to experience life.

As death approaches, do not fear it. Do not fill your life with attempts to avoid death as it is impossible. As Benjamin Franklin said “nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes”. There is nothing more miserable than a life trailing in and out of the doctor’s surgery or the hospital trying lots of different medications, all with awful side effects, to try to delay the inevitable. Death is not to be feared as Kahlil Gibran says in “The Prophet”:

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

Make the last years of your life happy and joyous ones. Explore all those things that you have not had the opportunity to uncover before. Spend time attending to your own mind and spirit. Meditate. Relax. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Spread your wisdom. Look kindly on others mistakes. Don’t interfere (too much) as everyone has their own lessons to learn. See death as a friend waiting around a corner with hand outstretched, filled with love and light, ready to take your hand when the moment comes for you to breathe one last breath, a deep sigh and then slip gently away into your new spiritual life. A rebirth filled with awe and wonder, love and light, beyond all your imaginings.

So honour and respect your life and your death. Fear neither. Live your life to the full. Accept the challenges it presents as opportunities to learn. Find joy and happiness so that you can spread it to others. Accept that in time death will come and be ready to welcome it like an old friend.

Spread Before Me All that You Dream. A Poem by June Score

Spread before me all that you dream
None fall: none fade: none are lost.
So, stand, be uplifted
You are yourself in your-self.
Be within the light of God and the breath of life
All-That-Is, you are.
Remember, seek your journey
In the true knowledge
That you love, and that power guides the world,
Speaks loud in the hearts of others
For you gain the treasures of life.
The mysteries unfold in you
You are responsible for your own life,
Your thinking guides you: polish it: change it; to find the divine in you.
Fill your heart with the knowledge, you are divine already.
Expand it to become
All that you are
And be known for the most beautiful expression of God’s life
You are an individual representation of All-That-Is
Make emotion your friend and not your enemy
Change – Love all things:
You are Blessed

Finding Ourselves. An Address by Bill Tomlinson

As we absorb all the colours around us, which produce the purity of White, we
must remember that we too are all individual shades which vary at all times, ready
to be absorbed.

In times when needed, we must also accept that when we wish we can all also
blend our loving thoughts with all that is around us.

The more we find ourselves blending within our everyday lives, the purer the white
we can radiate for others.

We blend not only with Spirit, not only with fellow man, but also with all living things.

The more we choose to blend with, the higher the attunement we attain, both within
and without.

The higher our attunement, the closer we become to our higher selves. We begin to adopt our higher selves in our everyday lives, become permanently attuned, and are of greater service to those in need.

Remember, the energies we are learning to radiate are being absorbed by people / creatures / plants we may be unaware of in our conscious state.

We are finding our higher selves and becoming of natural, continuous service to Spirit wherever our thoughts / energies are needed.

Such service is a part of our very being at all times, once we so choose.

Church reopening details

We are pleased to advise that we are restarting Church activities from the following dates. You will need to ring and book a place for each event by providing your name and contact number. Initially, masks will need to be worn until seated and when singing, unless exempt.

Divine Service Sunday 3pm to 4pm from 22nd August. To book a place contact Pat on 01934 613437.

Open Circle Monday 7.30pm to 9pm from 23rd August.To book a place contact Philippa on 07823449462.

The Guild Thursday 3pm to 4pm from 2nd September.To book a place contact Ann on 01934 420504.

Awareness Group 7.30pm to 9pm from Thursday 26th August.To book a place contact Pat on 01934 613437.

The Power of Creation. Channelled Message by Robert J Scarpa

To be a seeker means to continually search but to be at ease is to be content. Not ever expecting anything but simply content with what you know in addition to Trusting in Spirit. All is in divine order and going to plan. Yes sometimes things change but that is merely a free will expression and never by chance. The multi dimensional matrix is always at play – shifting, changing, morphing moment by moment. This is Creation this is the game we play. Nothing is ever static only momentary. So when things seems to go awry it is merely an unexpected happenstance within the matrix but of course someone or a group must have created the scenario from which it played out.

So as is often been said to you and through You. It is often what you say, believe and think that Creates your reality so it is most important to expect – extol and want for the Most Benevolent Outcome with every situation, condition or scenario. The Power of Creation is such that it delivers what you expect no matter how crazy it may seem.

Now in this time of rapid ascension is rapid Creation so don’t put out what you do not want. Only focus on the conditions and circumstances being of the Highest Order at all times. Leave the negative and potentially catastrophic scenarios and outcomes alone. It is best not to even mention that what you do not want or need. So Create a perfect world in which everyone has all that they need and no one is forgotten. Be mindful of all that you put out into the Universe/Multi-verse because it is your Masterpiece no matter what may look like.

Please let me remind you again that the Most Benevolent Outcome is the Key to release of all of the old and tired ways of existence and the Key to a new World of Harmony, Understanding and Balance for all who choose to recognize and accept the Divinity of You. Your Soul awaits the recognition of Self and the power of Creation contained within.

I know that this message may not be what you expected but it is what You and all Humanity need. So Trust in your Higher Self and know that we can never steer you wrong.

Bless You and Thank You

Saint Germaine

Transcribed by



Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. An Address by Rachel Arnold

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder has been taken to mean that beauty is subjective and what one person may find attractive another may dislike.

Perhaps the meaning is subtly different from this superficial assessment of beauty. Whatever we see in one another is generally a reflection of ourselves. If we listen to a poem or piece of music and find it beautiful, it is resonating with the beauty within us. If we find someone charming and appealing it is often because they are demonstrating aspects of our character that we like and want to promote. If we find someone annoying and irritating then they are more than likely displaying parts of our personality that we would rather hide. Our annoyance and dislike are more focussed on our true selves than on the other person.

Carl Jung said “A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way, and is, in addition, followed by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections from his neighbour.”

This is similar idea to beauty is in the eye of the beholder: those things that irritate us, we feel bombarded by when meeting other people. Anger is in the eye of the beholder. They are reminders that this is how we ourselves are acting or capable of acting. As soon as we recognise this truth we can start to work on these negative aspects of our personality.

The beauty of Spiritualism is the recognition that we have eternity in which to progress. We do not need to beat ourselves up thinking that we need to change now or be damned for eternity. We can work on those aspects of ourselves that we choose to work on or we can work on none of them. It is our personal responsibility, our choice: we have free will. Neale Donald Walsh in his Conversations with God asked God as to why we would bother to do anything, why would we wish to develop in anyway given we are eternal beings. God’s answer was “There is nothing else to do”! Our S O L E purpose is to work on our SOULS.

But there is no hurry no pressure. We have eternity.

Although there is no pressure, we must ask ourselves why not change. Whilst we remain as we are we will continue suffering. Those irritating people will continue to irritate us as we are indeed ourselves irritating.

We must learn to reconcile ourselves with our own personalities. We must learn to understand our capacity for anger, for hatred, for dislike, for even violence and then make a conscience decision as to how we will act. In each situation we have a choice as to how we behave. Will we be defensive? Will we put blame on others? Will we react in a hostile way? Or will we respond with understanding and love: recognition that the other person is part of our Brotherhood of Man; part of God; but possibly an unenlightened part or unenlightened of their own behaviour and personality. That person does not recognise why they are reacting and behaving in a negative way. They do not know they are part of the Brotherhood of Man, that they are part of God. We however can choose to respond with love, understanding and compassion.

Eckhart Tolle relates a story of a Zen Master who when accused of being the father of a new baby said “is that so”. When the parents told everyone want he had done. He said “is that so”. When they brought round the baby to him as they said it was his to look after. He said “is that so”. He lost his reputation and his career but his response was “is that so”. Eventually the mother of the baby confessed that he was not the father of her child. The parents went to see him and begged for his forgiveness and he responded “is that so”. By his inaction, his love, compassion and understanding the wrong was righted. He did nothing but waited patiently.

In some circumstances it is necessary to take action, for example, if you are mis-sold a car you may need to take someone to court, but we can still act in an understanding and compassionate way. We can recognise another part of ourself in the other person. We can show them the way and bring them to love, understanding and compassion by our reactions rather than showing anger, which will only fuel their negative emotions.

We have a choice. We have personal responsibility. We can work towards responding to situations with love, with compassion, with understanding. It may not be an easy path to tread but it is much more fulfilling to be filled with love than anger. If we tread this path than we will find that beauty is ours as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A Message from our President Pat Bendall regarding Re-Opening of the Church

I am writing to you all again regarding the reopening of our Church as a result of hearing that two-thirds of you wanted the Church to reopen at our AGM. Therefore, we have decided to reopen at 3.00 pm on Sunday 22nd August, and I’m afraid it will be necessary for you all to pre-book by phoning me on the above number and leaving your name and phone number (for test and trace purposes).

I regret that we are not able to open earlier but this has been due to having to form a new Committee and finding someone to take on the post of Secretary. Our new Secretary will be Stephanie Collins.

With a heavy heart I have to announce that our Vice-President and Healing Leader, Louise Headington, has had to stand down for personal reasons, and she will be sorely missed. She will be replaced by Steve Satchwell. At the present time, we cannot form a new Committee and reopen until the SNU President has authorised these changes, and this has caused further delay.

The Committee have decided that we will only be able to accommodate about 20 people in the Church if chairs are sufficiently spaced, due to social distancing requirements, and we thought it preferable for people to prebook rather than arrive for a service only to be turned away because the Church is full. We also ask that you attend wearing a face mask unless you have a medical reason not to wear one. Hand gel will be available by the door.

You will be advised of any further details arising in due course.

On behalf our new Committee, we look forward to welcoming you back.

With love to you all,



Self Sacrifice. Inspired Writing by Sue Chard

Now is the time for self-sacrifice.
A time for all to be less selfish and more thoughtful of the world you live in together.
A time to listen to the inner voice and the voices of the ‘Great Ones’ of the Greater World.
We watch, we listen, we feel the low vibrational frequency of the Earth energy that the thoughts and actions of the humans selfish ways have brought about.
We encourage you all to be aware of the destruction of your world caused by selfishness.

We ask the question “Where is the love?”
Where is the love in your every moment, your every thought, word or action?
Where is the love in your intentions?
Where is the love for your World; for Earth and all its creatures, vegetation, waters, atmosphere?

To save your world be ready to give up your materialistic wants and desires.
Seek a better healthier way to live….all of you!
Live simply and kindly, undemanding and always loving!
See the good in each other, the light of the Spirit in each and every human…the Divine spark that is there to light your pathway and guide you!
Make these changes in yourself, trust in us to guide you through this collective overhaul of the human race and its way of thinking, speaking and being!
Join us, of many vibrations, to raise the Earth and all that is Earth, to a higher vibrational frequency of all energy matter!
A higher vibrational frequency that can heal the mind and body when existing in the purest of loving thoughts and intentions!
Does this not sound like a greater way of living?

Inspired by ‘Collective Minds’ 27th June 2021

Written by Sue Chard

If the World had No Colour. A Poem by Philippa Hooper

If the world had no colour,
And was just black, white and grey,
Nothing in which to brighten a dull and dreary day.

Imagine no yellow sun in sunshine,
No green in greenery,
Rain without a rainbow,
Life grey for you and me.

If there were no words such as orange pink and blue,
Yellow violet indigo,
Shades of many hues.
Our speech would be impaired,
Our sentences cut short,
For colour would be missing,
From our speech and from our thoughts.

Let’s not dwell on ifs and buts,
For our life is full and rich.
For God has amazingly bestowed upon us,
Such a wonderful colourful gift.