God Lives Within Each One of Us. An Address by Ann Gibbins

Somewhere it is written “Let not your heart be troubled, neither be ye afraid, for I, thy God, am with thee always”.

God lives within each one of us.

Everyone has problems of one kind or another: ill-health; disability; unemployment or loneliness.

We all tend to dwell on our problems too much: making them seem bigger or more important; letting them take over our life. We have to think of life as a whole and put them in perspective.

Earth life is but a school for the soul. We are here to learn to overcome our difficulties, some of which we chose before we came here.

We have to realise the divinity within us, for God lives within each one of us; his strength is our strength. In getting through our problems, even though they hurt us, our soul is getting stronger and we are progressing spiritually.

So share your troubles with God. Talk to God. Talk to your spirit guides and helpers. They are there to help you and they like to be asked. They cannot interfere with your free will or take away your problems for that would be taking away your progression. But they can help by putting thoughts into your mind or by pointing you in the right direction.

Because God lives within us, He knows about all that happens to us, what we experience, wherever we go, and with whom we go; He goes too. There is nowhere on Earth that God is not. Omnipresent and omnipotent, so with all that power and protection within, we cannot be afraid.

Waste no energy in regretting past mistakes. They are behind us and nothing can ever alter them. They were part of our learning process and we were allowed to use our free will, rightly or wrongly.

The important thing is not to make the same mistakes again. Send kindly thoughts to those who wronged you. Always remember that they too are learning and may have acted out of ignorance.

Nothing goes unnoticed by God and there comes a time of retribution and compensation for all. So let the love within you rise above everything knowing that all works together for good under God’s control.

Consider the beautiful world we live in, the things we take for granted; like the rising of the sun each morning and the stars in the sky at night. These things remind us of the one who made them and us. We are made in His image and everything else He created is here for our use and enjoyment: the blue skies and sunshine of the Summer, the rain that fills rivers and streams and makes trees and flowers grow for our pleasure. We can forget our problems for a little while if we make time to look at nature. Have you ever noticed the beautiful symmetry of the humble white daisy or been transported by the wonderful colourful flowers and shrubs? Many birds have flown thousands of miles to spend the Summer in our country: swallows, martins and swifts. The song of a bird is one of the sweetest sounds on Earth.

All these things and more are put on Earth for us to enjoy. They, like us, are part of God’s creation and the beauty of them can uplift a tired spirit. So find the time to refresh your soul. “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”

We all seem to concentrate too much on the material side of life, forgetting the spiritual part of us, which is the real US. We live on Earth for such a small part of our existence. Right now we are eternal spirit using a human body to experience the limitations and trials that this entails. We are here to discover what we really: part of God – perfect love. When we use this love in the service of others, we become more fulfilled and at peace with ourselves. We are becoming whole, for our mind, body and spirit are working together as God intended and good health follows.

So manifest God’s love in your everyday life: be kind to others, share a smile.

Know that God lives in everyone; then, it is easier to love those you don’t like as well as those you do. If you can’t love them, say a little prayer for them and send them light.

Realise your own divinity, your true potential and nothing need worry you again.

You are God and God is you.

Be strong, be happy and live forever.

The Robin’s Song. A Poem chosen by Sharon Bird

God bless the field and bless the furrow,
Stream and branch and rabbit burrow,
Hill and stone and flower and tree,
From Bristol Town to Wetherby—
Bless the sun and bless the sleet,
Bless the lane and bless the street,
Bless the night and bless the day,
From Somerset and all the way
To the meadows of Cathay;
Bless the minnow, bless the whale,
Bless the rainbow and the hail,
Bless the nest and bless the leaf,
Bless the righteous and the thief,
Bless the wing and bless the fin,
Bless the air I travel in,
Bless the mill and bless the mouse,
Bless the miller’s bricken house,
Bless the earth and bless the sea,
God bless you and God bless me!


They say we should not forget. Inspired Writing by Lesley Whiting

They say we should not forget,
That life is for living and growing,
But we who have lost someone so dear, we are forever remembering them,
they that have passed, take a little of us with them,
As we go around doing the every day things,
Sometimes our mind brings forth those that we have lost.
Memories come flooding back.
The  joys, the sorrows, the laughter and thoughts of little things that were said or done, come to haunt us.
That is the time of remembrance,
Where feelings come to the fore,
The tears that they bring, the love we have lost,
By them not being near.
No one can bring to words,
The feeling  of loss at that time.
Sitting remembering every now and then, it hits you and you cannot bear the pain,
That you feel for the loss of someone you have loved and spent time with.
Know that feeling is your Love, and the Love of that  person, comes together in thought.
Thinking and understanding that we can bring our loved ones so close to us is like being handed a gift from Spirit which we can hold on to
In our hearts and minds.
Remembering a lost love one is the gift of Love.
After a time it eases, and we can at least know they are safe with Spirit.
Love can bring peace of mind.
Remembering we never forget, but time is a Healer.
So one day we will be together again, not just in thought, but in the places we all will go to,
The Spirit World,
Together again in Peace and Love

At the Writing Desk in the Small Spirit Cottage. A Poem by William Tomlinson

As we look out of the window
So the beauty does unfold
We see the shapes of nature
All her colours to behold.

We know that in life’s rainbow
We are able to be free
And we form our colours as we choose
Howe’er we wish to be.

We can choose to be so Tranquil
We can fill our hearts with love
We can send such love, such healing
To who seeks it, from Above.

Together we can radiate
Such love as if we’re one
By blending with our Spirit Friends
All can be overcome.

Disharmony in this our world
With so many filled with greed
Not only greed for material things
But self centredness indeed.

Whilst so many people in this world
Still have so much to learn
We are so well and truly blessed
To bring harmony they yearn.

Such people are so often
Neglected, though in need
May we help them open up their world
So True Love may take the lead.

Today. Inspired Writing from Sue Chard

Today is unique, one of a kind
It’s not tomorrow, that’s another day….It’s not yesterday, that’s a day that has come and gone!
Today is to be enjoyed…lived!
Today there may be challenges for you to ‘rise above’ and manage
Today there may be lovely surprises that make you smile and feel uplifted!
Today is coming and going as is the ticking of time by a clock
Today is a gift as is every day
Not to be wasted….when it’s gone it’s gone!
Appreciate every day you have in this Earthly life
Each day important, as if a ’page in your book of life’…….this life today!
Waste not, regret not, do better..
Make today and every day a day to find the positive, the ‘silver lining’
The love of Great Spirit…
The love for life this day – today!
Today send out love to the world and all who dwell within…
Send out tomorrow and every day!
Today feel alive and loved; good vibrations to send out and share…
When our todays are no more….well, rejoice in the love and light of the Spirit World and love, love, love……that’s all we ever really need!

Inspired words from Archangel Michael (12.04.21)

Letter from our President Pat Bendall – Re-opening and AGM

Dear Members,

At last, I am writing to you again as the bearer of good news! At a recent Committee Meeting we unanimously decided to reopen our Church on Sunday 27th June with one service at 3.00 pm.

At the present time we are all in the dark as to how much the present lock-down will be modified on 21st June. Currently, larger Churches that have been able to reopen have had to adhere to very strict rules, i.e. face masks are required, no singing is allowed, 2 metre or 1 metre plus social distancing must be enforced, and only Divine Services are permitted. This means no Guilds, Healing, Demonstrations, Open Circles or Awareness Groups.

We have decided that throughout the Summer until the beginning of September, we will have one Sunday service at 3.00 pm until it can be reviewed again. As to resumption of our normal services, we are all dependant on the Prime Minister’s statement prior to 21st June.

Our AGM will be held on Monday 26th July at 7.30 pm when your new Committee will be elected. This is a very important meeting as we cannot run the Church without a duly elected Committee, and it is necessary that at least one third of the membership attends otherwise the AGM must be postponed until sufficient members are able to attend. If anyone wishes to raise a Motion at the AGM, please send it to our Secretary by the 21st June at the latest.

As several members of the Committee are standing down at the AGM, we will need some new members to join us. If you would like to be considered for nomination to the Committee, please let our Secretary, Rachel Arnold, know as soon as possible so that Rachel can inform everyone. Rachel can be contacted via the Church email address westonspiritualistchurch@yahoo.co.uk .

Nomination forms will be available for completion as soon as the Church has reopened together with a list of members who are willing to be nominated to serve on the Committee. However, if you are unable to attend the Church, Rachel will send you a nomination form upon request. (A member must receive at least three valid nominations for a position in order to be a candidate for the Committee).

All of us on the Committee will be pleased to welcome you on 27th June and we look forward to seeing you all again. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.

With love to you all,

Pat (Bendall)


What a Difference a Year Makes. An Address by Sharon Ledbrook

What a difference a year makes. Many of us must now realise we are far more resilient and stronger than we think.

Throughout this pandemic we have all been affected in some way. By facing up to the challenges and working together, whether through caring for the sick, frail or elderly, supporting the vulnerable, delivering groceries and supplies for those in need, or just being a listening ear for family and friends, we have all made a difference.

Another season has begun. Bluebells, daffodils and tulips fill our parks and gardens with their lovely colours. With the early morning bird songs, memories of the past year, all the difficulties will slowly start to fade as we all become more optimistic for the future.

So, it may seem as though we have lost a year out of our lives, and there are many still feeling lost, scared and unsure but perhaps we should look on it as a chance to take stock and reassess our future, moving forward slowly at first but with growing confidence.

Our third Principle is “The Communion of Spirits and Ministry of Angels”.

The Ministry of Angels brings enhanced wisdom to enlighten the individual, society and the world in which we live. This includes those who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind bringing inspiration guidance and healing.

The words from the following song, originally from the musical Carousel, would seem to be appropriate at this time.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark

At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

A Prayer and Poem from Lesley and Freddy Whiting

A  Buddhist Prayer

By the power and truth of this act may all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness
May all beings be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow
May all beings never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless
May all beings live in a state of calmness, free  from  greed and anger
And may all beings believe in the Equality of all that lives .

 The Real Miracle

There’s magic everywhere, I say!
Miracles! Where? Do Tell?
Oh, yes they happen every day
I know it all too well.

Scientists say the miracle
Is nature’s great creation.
Astrologers claim, the oracle;
Writers: imagination.

Doctors believe in the magic of birth
Lawyers, in justice, blind.
Archaeologists say none is worth
More than what they may find!

Singers, oh they trust in song,
And drummers in the beat.
Dancers say all that is wrong:
The magic’s in the feet!

Speakers’ say that words are wise.
Teachers put faith in learning.
Priests say it is when someone dies,
Goes to heaven, and escapes the burning.

Dramatists so enjoy the act.
Nuns believe, devotion.
Researchers rely on the fact;

Each person has his unique thoughts
Or gets wisdom from above,
But what I know I tell you alone:
The real miracle is love.

Let us Share our Love. An Address by Ann Gibbins

Let us share our love with our families, friends and one another so that happiness and peace reach out to all like ripples on a pond. Share a little time or a smile with someone, for the more you give, the more you get. We all come from the beautiful world of Spirit; a world full of nature in all its glory, trees and flowers, rivers and streams, animals and birds. Those who have gone on before us will be waiting to greet us.

But the place we live in, in this wonderful world is determined by the life we have led here. If we do our best with the circumstances around us, helping, sharing and caring for others, we will have earned a beautiful home there. But if we have gone through life always taking instead of giving, our abode will be more humble.

We will get what we deserve; that is the law.
So let us go through this year with strength and hope.
Let us make new beginnings, new friends.
Let us enjoy our time, whatever it brings.
There will always be new opportunities to grow, new joys and new pleasures.
All the while we will be growing in understanding of God and life.

We are drawing closer to God every moment.
Know that He is there within; knowing us better than we know ourselves.
Ask for His help; His strength and His guidance.
It is there for the asking – it is your divine right.
Know that God holds you and the world in the palm of His hand; and all is well.

Do Not Be Afraid. An Address by Rachel Arnold

What is there to fear in this life? As Spiritualists we know that everything that happens, happens for a reason. We may not understand that reason, but there is one. We cannot see the bigger picture. We do not know for what reason we decided to be born into this life, into this physical body. We do not know what challenges we chose to take. If we knew before hand, then they would not be challenges.

We can only trust that everything that is happening, is happening for a reason. We are part of Spirit and Spirit will never let us down. We can only progress in life; we cannot go backwards. What is perceived as a failure is merely a lesson learned. Sometimes we have to learn those lessons time and time again, but each time it is a development of our soul, our inner essence.

Do not be afraid. Do not fear this present situation. Do not fear illness. Do not fear death. As Spiritualists, we know that there is no death. As the medium Gordon Smith said “we cannot die for the life of us!” Yes we can lose our physical bodies and that physical connection with our families and friends, but we can never lose our spiritual connection. That is one thing of which we can be certain. We are spirit and we will remain spirit. We are connected to all of our fellow man. We are a part of the great Oneness that is Spirit.

Do not be afraid. Trust that what you are doing is the right thing. Always choose happiness over resentment. Choose to live your life how your heart guides you. Listen to your instinct. Listen to your gut. It knows the right answer, even if your mind argues otherwise. Listen always to your heart. If you do, you can’t go far wrong. You will have chosen happiness over resentment. You will be going with the flow rather than battling against the tide. You will have found your direction, your path, your truth.

Trust that everyone has their own path. It may not be the same as yours. You may feel on a collision course with them or at cross-purposes. Maybe that is just what it is.. your purposes are crossing. Trust that others are also following their heart and let them be. It is not for you to change them nor they to change you. Who knows what each other’s spirit has agreed before they were born. It is not for us to question others.

Some people have chosen a straight path from A to B; others a more circuitous one. All paths are valid; all have their own truth. Respect everyone, even if they seem contrary to you.

Ultimately remember the truth “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. In doing this you are recognising your part in the Brotherhood of Man.

Do not be afraid, my friend. You are here to experience the wonders and mysteries of the physical life. Enjoy it while you can. You have chosen this life. Make full use of it and just be happy.