Change Your Attitude. An Address by Rachel Arnold

Change your attitude and you can change your life and come to know God.

If you look at the world and believe it is magical, it will be magical. If you look for love and compassion, it will be there. If you see everything as a wonderful opportunity then that is what you will find. Everything is as you choose it to be. Your thoughts create and by your actions you turn them into reality. So if you act with love and compassion so will you find the world loving and compassionate. If you see God in everything and everyone, in the whole of humanity and the whole of your world, then you will come to know that as true.

The steps to knowing may be long or short. You may leap ahead like jumping over stepping stones or you may find your road to be long and winding. You may even find a shortcut straight to knowing. It is as you choose.

The first step is understanding. Understanding that you are part of a world, which is a part of God. There is no disconnection between you, your world and God. You are all part of the same Divine Entity. You are one with the world and God. God is in you and with you and around you. Everything is God. Everything is love.

The second step is acting. To ease the path to believing you should act like everything is as you want it to be. So if you want a world filled with love, act with love, expect to find love, see love everywhere. If you want to know God in your life and in your world, act like God is everywhere and within you. See God in everything around you: in the birds, the trees, the flowers, the bees, your friends, strangers, the whole of humanity, the whole of the planet and the universe and beyond. See that God is everywhere: the good, the bad and the indifferent. All are part of God. See it and act like it is so.

The third step is believing. The more you act like something is as you understand it to be, then you will find yourself believing. You will see evidence of what you expect to find. Look and you shall see. Seek and you will find. Look for love and you will see it. Seek God and you will find God. You can then start to believe that God is everything; you are surrounded by love.

From believing it is a short step to the final destination of knowing. If you believe something to be true and you find evidence that it is so, then gradually you will begin to know the truth. You will open yourself up to the possibility. You will open yourself up to the existence of God and yourself as a part of God. Through meditation, you may walk through a door in your mind’s eye and find yourself transported into a wondrous experience and connection to God; a revelation that changes your world, that transports you into a state of knowing. For others, there may be no epiphany but a gradual progress through evidence that what you believe is true; like the drip of a tap gradually filling a basin until it overflows and you cannot deny what you have been shown.

From the first step of understanding that you are part of a divine entity that we call God, through acting this out, starting to believe, you can reach knowing. Knowing your place in a miraculous world filled with love encompassed by and re-united with God.

Change your attitude and you can transform your life and be re-united with God.

Thoughts on The Seven Principles by Michael Neil Kirkpatrick

The First Principle: The Fatherhood of God.

The First Principle of Spiritualism is the Fatherhood of God. We are all spirit enclosed within a physical body vehicle. We are all facets of that one Divine Jewel, which is the Father of all life universally. Each one of us is a spirit soul facet of the one Father God. Being directly related to this Absolute Being, means that we can never become lost or forgotten, we are always safe in the Divine Father’s arms.

The Second Principle: The Brotherhood of Man

This Second Principle of Spiritualism, which is the Brotherhood of Man, could I feel be updated to include also the words of the Sisterhood of Women. This I feel is in alignment with current values. This Principle is about being like one universal family, which is accepting of each other with love and tolerance. A brotherhood and sisterhood of mutual acceptance and respect for each other.

The Third Principle: The Ministry of Angels and the Communion of Spirits

This Third Principle of Spiritualism is about communication with our guides and friends and relatives who have departed behind the veil, who still maintain an affinity with us. The Ministry of Angels is about the love and protection that we have been given by these Angels of the inner divine light that keeps us safe from all negative forces.

The Fourth Principle: The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

Human beings are a soul with a body, and not a body with a soul, there is a big difference.

The soul is a principle and a divine primary reality of the human being. The physical body is not a principle and thereby is secondary and rots away at death. While the soul continues living after moving into the Astral plane.

The Fifth Principle: Personal Responsibility#

This Fifth Principle is about us all taking full responsibility for all we say, do, and act; and to accept this as our own moral compass; to use always in our dealings with others. We need to recognise that making excuses for our behaviour is unacceptable and spiritually a wrong action to take.

The Sixth Principle: Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds Done on Earth.
This Sixth Principle is about how we are all accountable for all our deeds while here on Earth.
There is no such a thing as a free lunch. We cannot get away with any actions or deeds done because our inner soul body records all that we think, say, and do.
When we fully understand this principle we then adjust ourselves accordingly.

The Seventh Principle: Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

The Seventh Principle is about the positive truth that we will all make steady progress in our life. and all will be eventually reunited with the eternal Father. To do this we need to look within ourselves and take up meditation or yoga and change our beliefs into that of knowing.

Inner knowing always transcends that of belief, what is it that we have to then know? Well we all need to know rather than just believe that we are all immortal divine souls and to know this as a matter of fact.

We need to look within ourselves and ask the question of who am “I”? When we ask that most important question, we set in motion our intuition, which will lead us into finding our higher self, which in turn will reveal to our startled gaze the truth of our indwelling immortal soul.

We will then acquire full soul realization and know who we really are. This is the full promise of the Seventh Principle of Spiritualism.

Questions. A Poem by Ann Gibbins

Has God got it wrong?
In this world of ours.
When violence raises its head
Sad mothers do cry.
As young soldiers die,
In the war – are they really dead?

For greedy men steal,
The old are attacked.
And crime seems to reign so supreme.
Then decent folk are,
Afraid to go far.
Is it real – or is life a dream?

I know God’s up there,
He’s just looking down.
His heart full of justice and love.
Just letting us choose,
The path we would use.
For all ways lead back to above.

Has God got it wrong?
In this world of ours.
When we exercise our free will.
He knows that we learn,
As we choose to be firm.
Each living our life to the full.

No, God’s got it right,
And we’ve got it wrong.
We forget to ask for his aid.
To stick to the right,
To have clearer sight.
To forget that we are afraid.

God has got it right,
For man must help man.
We have all we need in our heart.
There’s plenty to spare,
For peace everywhere.
Each of us must play his own part.

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Your Conscience is the Voice of God. An Address by Hilary Chesters

That little voice in your head that says ‘I shouldn’t have said or done that is your conscience speaking to you, but for whatever reason you crossed your own line of what is acceptable and is your own moral code.

That little voice in your head, that feeling of regret for your actions, is your conscience or still small voice of God speaking to you.

We are human though and we cannot get it right all the time – we have to be kind to ourselves, in the full knowledge that God understands us and accepts that we are here, in this life, to experience and learn.

One of the first lessons is to accept is that we are all different from each other, so we shouldn’t judge others but understand them instead.

A thoughtless word or action cannot be taken back, and it can bruise the heart of the recipient

Helping one person might not change the world – but could change the world for that one person. That person is on a learning curve the same as you and could have acted on circumstances or thoughts known only to themselves.

There are also those moments in life when there is nobody around to witness whether you act according to your code or not – it makes no difference – to do the right thing when no-body is looking is an act of integrity- it is an act of truthfulness and honesty to yourself.

Your conscience is not a burden – it is a friend to you, it helps you to take self-responsibility.

Listen to that still small voice it is the voice of your best friend.

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism. Inspired Words from Michael Kirkpatrick

The first principle of Spiritualism which is the Fatherhood of GOD. We are all spirit enclosed within a physical body vehicle. We are all FACETS of that one DIVINE JEWEL, which is the FATHER of all life universally. Each one of us is a spirit soul facet of the ONE FATHER GOD. Being directly related to this Absolute Being, means that we can never become lost or forgotten, we are always safe in the Divine Father’s arms.

Easter. An Address by Rachel Arnold

Easter is a time of endings and new beginnings, of darkness followed by the light. When all is lost, hope and love triumphs.

Our lives are a continual ebb and flow of darkness and light. We can choose whether we are overwhelmed by the darkness or whether we continually move towards the light.

We must always remember that we are loved and guided. If we listen to our hearts, we will know what to do or say and how to act and be. Do not dwell on the darkness, that just gives it energy. Fill your heart with light, with the life force. Expand your heart with love. Have faith in the divinity within you.

Change comes through small acts. World events are the culmination of many, many small acts, so start with yourself. Mend quarrels. Give freely. Send healing. Be kind. Be loving.

Each act of kindness and generosity of spirit has a power beyond which we can understand. It warms the hearts of those who are overwhelmed by the darkness. It combats fear and replaces it with love and hope. Love is powerful. Love expands and grows and multiplies. Love is a warrior. Love brings peace and reconciliation. It is true that love is all you need.

Find love in your heart. Everything starts with you. If you want to change the world, take responsibility for it now. Start the change. Be the change. Be loving, when you were once angry. Be kind, when you were once cruel. Forgive, where you were once blaming. Find the love within yourself. Don’t be petty. Don’t squabble. Just find the love and acceptance in your heart and your ways.

Easter is a time of light conquering darkness. Let the Spirit of Easter allow love to conquer fear and negative emotions in you. Treat it as a new beginning. Mend your own ways and you can then expect the world to change. The world is one you create. What you perceive and think, exists. Your thoughts are powerful, so make them ones of peace, love and harmony.

Always send love to everyone. You cannot see inside their heads or know the truth behind any situation. If you send hate, you will fuel hate. So send love; wonderful, healing love. Feel the healing within yourself and project it outwards.

Easter is a time of change, so be the change. Be love. Be loving and let the world be filled with love.

Working Towards Continuous Harmony. Inspired Words from Bill Tomlinson

As we radiate our love as one, so we begin to understand the way in which energies can be merged and used. Always bear in mind that the love of one plus one multiplies, does not just add, and we can together build mountains of love and understanding, which reach higher and higher towards the divine truth.

By so doing, there are many loving groups, like yourselves, which together, in the next vibration of love, blend into one and radiate your joint power many times over.

The world is becoming a happier, more peaceful place, in spite of attempts by others to prevent it happening. We are fast approaching the break-even point at which the negative work being spread by some will no longer be sufficiently powerful to overcome the vast amount of love that is being generated. Those suffering at their hand will sooner recover once they feel more secure together (as one).  We must still continue to work in such loving harmony, to build a permanent barrier which can never be overcome again.

The New Day. A Poem by Elaine Bird

The morning sun arose and the new day began,

The world came alive and the birds sang in this world we live in.

We pray for love and peace,

Bless us dear Lord and let this fighting cease.

For all of us are loved by you,

You are our father whose love is true.

Life is such a precious gift,

We want to live together in peace.

Bless this world,

Let peace reunite and stop the terrible fight.

To those we know and those we do not,

Love is precious, patient, forgiving and uniting,

Heavenly father let this world be United with love.

Peace. Inspired Words from Ann Gibbins

We all seek peace, but it seems so very hard to find.

We live in a busy noisy world of cars, planes, television, radios and machinery.

Looking around our world, we see nations at war.

We see religious groups, arguing with each other.

We see terrorists making their voice heard by mindless acts of violence.

So how do we find peace in such turbulent times?

We have to remember that this earth is just a temporary place and go within to find the God within; share out thoughts with Him and we will begin to know that all is well.

For we are held in the arms of a Heavenly Father and that no permanent harm can come to us.

Go within and find the God that is you and you will find that perfect peace that surpasses all understanding.

The song says “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.

Let each one of us do our part by being more kind and considerate to those that we meet.

We have to work for the peace that we all seek.

Live in harmony with all life and peace will be yours.

Inspired Words by Michael Fitzpatrick

Death is an illusion albeit a very persistent one!

Spiritualism teaches the continuance of life after death, this teaching has brought much hope and comfort to so many over the years. Death is indeed an illusion but one that persists among Humanity, and brings with it in its train that of fear and foreboding.

If only Spiritualism’s message could reach those lonely frightened souls, it would indeed be a blessing. 

We on our part can lead the way by sharing will all our friends and those we meet in our everyday life, the truth of life everlasting. We can share with those who are open that death is really just a change of venues, we step out of our physical body at death (change of venues) and move into our astral body and continue living as before in a different setting.