Our Church is Full of Love. A Poem by Rachel Arnold

Our Church is full of love

It attracts the young, the old, the middle agers
The happy, the sad, the curious, the doubters

Just come along and see

We welcome the oddbods, the lonely, the isolated, the troubled

We are a place of warmth for everyone

No belief or understanding is necessary

There is no commitment to stay or to return

We welcome you now in this moment

We will listen to your troubles and worries

Most of us have been there before

We are all equal on this magical mystery tour of life

We join together in a place of acceptance

Everyone is loved

We preach love, pure unconditional love

You don’t have to accept it or give it

We teach it anyway

We wish everyone well

We seek out happiness in the moment

Although there can be tears, there is much joy and laughter too

Do not be afraid to pop in

We are ordinary people just like you

We have found each other and a place of safety

Where all is good and accepted

There are no judgements, no expectations

We find peace in the moment together

Just drop by with an open mind

Everyone is welcome


Astral Entities Offering Numerous Suggestions (AEONS). An Address by Michael Kirkpatrick

 Mankind is presented within five koshas of expression which are:
1) physical body
2) energy body
3) emotional body
4) wisdom body
5) bliss body
These five bodies of expression make up the presentation of mankind today. This address entitled AEONS is about the third body of expression, which is the emotional body, which is also that of the Astral Body. The astral body is within our physical body or rather interpenetrates it, and when we die (change venues), we automatically enter fully into that astral body and are automatically taken into the astral plane to a point with which you resonate and have an affinity.

Astral entities can communicate with physical beings, and have done so for thousands of years. The Oracles of Delphi, which prophesized to the priests were all Astral Entities.

There is a fallacy about astral entities which talks about how we can talk with the Dead! Well it is impossible to talk to a dead being. Newspapers are fond of this wording “THE DEAD SPEAK”. The reality is that astral beings are often much more alive that we physical beings.

Astral entities is a name which I think describes them more accurately than calling them Spirits, because they are no more spirit than we physical beings are. They have an astral body expression and we have a physical body expression. The only real difference is in density: the astral body is less dense than the physical body.

The reality is that the Living can only communicate with the Living in differing dimensions. Only living beings can communicate with each other: you cannot communicate with a corpse, when the owner has left for the astral realm.

Each one of us including you reading this address now is an astral being within a physical body.

God Speaks to Us. An Address by Ann Gibbins

God speaks to us in many ways; through nature, other people and in the quietness of our own heart. Every time we look at a flower we are reminded of the One who created it.

Everything that lives and breathes on this Earth is created by God; the tiny insects, the birds of the air, the fish in the sea and all the animals.

The flowers, plants and trees are all here for our pleasure and our learning; if only we would take time to notice them. Our planet is so beautiful and full of wonderful things to discover; different countries, nationalities, cultures and religions.

But most of us are so busy going about our daily tasks that we fail to notice the glory of God’s handiwork. Blue skies, wild flowers, children at play, all make us feel good. The best things in life are free.

God being perfect love – made us in his image, eternal, spiritual beings. Our physical body is just a vehicle, which our soul uses for this lifetime only; to be replaced by one of a finer vibration at a later date.

God made us eternal, creative beings with free will so that we can make own our decisions on our road to enlightenment. We learn by our mistakes.

Inside each one of us is a divine spark of love, trying to grow, waiting to be expressed in the service of others. Our soul has to realise its divine potential and to be aware of all the power and strength within; the power that is God. For each one of us is a God in the making.

The power that Jesus used to do wondrous things when He was on the Earth, is the same power that each one here has within.

We can all heal, we can all make a difference to the world we live in. We need only send out our thoughts of love and peace and they are taken and used by Spirit Beings to where they are needed. No distance is too great, healing can work where all else fails.

The Waterfall. An Address by Hilary Chesters.

Of course water is the essential component of a waterfall and water is a gift and a necessity of life as we can only survive for approximately three days without it. Water covers two thirds of the Earth’s surface and the human, animal and plant life depend on it for their existence.

I have always found waterfalls to be beautiful and awesome but most of all spiritual. Each one has its particular style relating to people and their particular circumstances in life. Each waterfall has dedication and ability to apply itself – whether it has a short or long drop, it depicts its unerring capacity to survive.

Each person in life will apply their own efforts to overcome what life throws at them, but if we could relate to the wonders of the different styles and sizes of waterfalls we might be able to take heart and inspiration from them.

There is the small waterfall that tumbles over a single rock before it carries on its way. This portrays the minor incidences in our lives and how we absorb these minor hiccups on our life’s journey and are wiser for the experience. The water carries on along its path – or as in our case – we carry on with our lives.

There is then the waterfall whose path is a torrent. It travels over and round rocks as the water speeds down the ravine. A marvel to watch, but it is beset with turbulence and rush. These torrents can be very reminiscent of some of our lives – where life is one long series of upsets and traumas – as the waterfall hits every single rock on it downward dive, it can represent some lives that are a constant struggle. The waterfall might be awesome to watch in its fury and white foam and out of its own control – but it does keep regrouping after it has hits each rock, just like we manage to find some reason and purpose to all the turbulence in our lives.

Then there is the calmer waterfall that babbles its way down a hillside, on a mission to its destination, taking stones, boulders and weeds in its stride. On its journey it gives sustenance to fish, insects and plant life. It is never out of control but always heading somewhere with purpose. Many people‘s lives are like this, coping with their problems or dilemmas – like the stones, boulders and weeds – but getting on with their life’s journey. They know where they are going and how they want to make that journey – with resolve, fortitude, goodwill and kindness to their fellow man where ever possible

Then there is the water that flows from the mill pond following its dignified path to push the waterwheel round. It is industrious and resolute in its mission to grind the corn to make flour to feed mankind . The water first collects in the mill pond, as we meet and mix with our fellow comrades in life. We then march on together to do whatever we are meant to do – which is turning the mill wheel of life for the reason of helping other people along the way, and we are content to achieve this end.

Finally there is the waterfall that is high and has a long long drop. It is awesome in its spectacular boldness, sure of its path and fearless as is goes over the ledge at the top. It is confident in its flight to the deep pool at the bottom, confident of a safe landing and knowing that after its recovery there, it will meander on its way to the sea. I have always admired this type of waterfall. How many of us, me included, could be so trusting as we step into the abyss and hope for a safe landing. It takes courage and fortitude to put our trust in the natural law of life and Spiritualism, and that our faith will carry us forward to a happy conclusion. How gratifying it is to reach that deep and welcoming pool below and know that having hit so many rocks on our downward flight, we have survived, and have learned to trust. We have learnt to take the ordeals, traumas and upheavals in our stride, and regroup to recover in the deep and gentle and restoring pool at the bottom. We rub our bruises, learn from the experience and then go forward at a more leisurely pace across the green and even plains of our lives, wiser and full of the knowledge that we have survived what life has thrown at us.

I can imagine taking the stepping stones to find myself in the calm of a cave behind such a waterfall where I can marvel at its strength, devotion to its mission and faith in its natural laws that all will be well. Nature and Spirit has taught me this lesson, as is proved, by the appearance of the rainbow over the water. Joy indeed.

The one thing that the waterfalls all had in common though – they all proceeded to reach their destination – the sea.

My waterfalls have taught me so much. We all reach our destination in time having learnt so many lessons on our life long journey. We will have experienced all of these waterfalls in our life time, overcome the obstacles that they presented us with, and learnt from the participation in them, and be the fuller and more enlightened for it.

Our rainbow will appear.

Consultation on Residents Parking Zone on Stafford Road

North Somerset Council are consulting on the implementation of a Residents Parking Zone in Weston Central. This includes Stafford Road and the adjoining streets. The proposal is to restrict parking to permit holders only from 7am to 9pm seven days a week. This scheme would prevent Church attendees from parking in Stafford Road to attend all of our Church meetings. If this scheme is implemented, it will severely impact the ability of older members of the Church to attend

The consultation is open until 12th September. Please complete the consultation to highlight the parking issues for Church attendance.


The Healing Touch. A Poem by Pat Bendall

Healing hands, gentle hands,
Hands full of love
Guided by the realms of the
Spirit World above.

The gentle heat and power
From that pure celestial light
Removes all pain and sorrow
Putting everything aright.

Restores peace to the soul,
Salves the troubled mind,
All life’s little worries
Are left far behind.

Healing thoughts, loving thoughts,
Sent to troubled friends
Touch the soul of the indisposed,
Their suffering simply ends.

As I Walk Through the Forest that is My Mind. A Poem by Ann Gibbs

As I walk through the forest that is my mind,
Thoughts of loved ones past refined,
Mind racing can’t focus on the Divine,
Feel abandoned, confused, woe is mine.

Yesterday’s thoughts racing through my mind,
I just can’t see through to the other side,
Worries and strife I find hard to abide,
Need help, to set some time aside.

It seems night has no ending,
No sleep for me.
Now daylight beckons,
Oh – what a to do for me!

So I could go for a walk?
Oh where to….? Hillsides, woodland, seaside?
So many choices: Confusion beat it!
Mists through which I just cannot see.

So, which view for today’s sunrise?
Of course!
It’s a parkland
An obvious place, for peace so desired!

So the sun is arising, so much beauty awaits,
With birds’ song, busy insects,
And scenery – a gasp Quick! 
Deep breath, intake!

Life is at its hardest with woods filled with rocky bramble trips,
So tricky to navigate,
So easy to fall,
Ouch, I tripped!

Now the sun does not give up when it is tough to arise.
It doesn’t wane, it does not falter,
it just carries the world through its rotation of life.

But just for one moment,
One little moment, take time, look back,
You’re all so focused, on what?
Help! It’s that! 

So here’s a little tree spent bench we’ve prepared, 
So sit for a while, rest, it’s all there.
Now contemplate, look back, and elate,
Take time out! Be still, and have a short break.

Enjoy the wonders of this, your personal view.
Let it be, judgement free,
Nurturing your incredible soul,
For all to see.

Enjoy the sunrise,
Feel the warmth of its rays, 
Wow what a sight,
“You’re so loved by all”, it says.

As the birds sing, rejoicing in chorus, a new day begins,
This view for ever changing, is always, and forever here.

And remember 

It’s here! 
Just for you!

When the Sun is Shining. An Address by Rachel Arnold

It’s easy to believe in God when the sun is shining in a bright blue sky. When you feel the sun’s warm embrace and watch it kissing the water in a river or stream. You hear the birds singing, watch the busy bees buzzing and the flowers opening wide to the radiant beams.

But when the winds blows and the rain lashes down, where is God then? You feel cold and wet and miserable and long for those dog days of Summer. Where did the sun go? Where is its warmth? Where is God’s love? Without the rain, how would we and the plants survive? Without the wind blowing everything clear and transporting seeds far and wide, we would live in a static world; a world of stillness and calm. We would not know the wonderful feeling of walking into the wind with our hair blown backwards and feeling reinvigorated and refreshed.

God brings all weather and seasons to us. There is nothing other than God, as we too are a part of God; part of the infinite plan that is the Divine, that is the oneness of creation.

In our physical lives we have sunny days and rainy days, happy days and sad days. We feel close to God on those happy days and alone and abandoned on the sad days.

We must realise that we are never alone. All our experiences are all part of God. The sadness allows us to feel the joy of the good days. If we were always joyous then we would not understand or appreciate joy.

When we are sad then we must go inwards and seek that still small voice that assures us that all will be well. Just as when the rain falls, we can shout and cry at the sky, or we can put up an umbrella, pull close our hoods, keep our heads down and weather the storm as best we can. The rain will stop, the clouds will clear, the sun will shine again. Fighting the negatives will only perpetuate our struggles. Acceptance, dogged acceptance, is the path forwards that leads to Summer and happy days.

God is within us on the sunny and the rainy days. There is no separation. We are part of this great experiment. Enjoy it; even the dark days. The strength of emotions are rare and strong and powerful. They bring release. They fling us upwards to greater experiences of joy and upliftment.

Weather the storm. Hold fast to your beliefs and marvel at the wonder of your life and all of creation.

Unborn Spirit (US). An Address by Michael Kirkpatrick

This address, Unborn Spirit (US), is about the expression of Life, which is motion within the universal auspices of the law of evolution and ascension, being expressed within layers of material, which fully enclose the essence of the Life expression.

The essence of Life is pure SPIRIT, which is ETERNAL and UNBORN. So we, that of humanity, are in essence all UNBORN eternal spirit. When we move away from the essence, which is absolute, we become therefore relative and relative things like LIFE have a beginning and an ending. This means that the outer covering of the essence, which amounts to five layers called koshas or sheaths, remains relative. But the essence is UNBORN and eternal.

Because of our gross ignorance of reality, we do not understand the principles that enact within us. We therefore think that there is such a thing as DEATH, when in fact death is a meaningless word, and has no validity in reality. Because of our limited awareness and understanding of LIFE and this process, we do not know that when we “DIE” we in effect and in FACT “EXIT OUR VEHICLES”, and move into our ASTRAL BODY and therefore CHANGE VENUES, from the EARTH PLANE to the ASTRAL PLANE being still VERY MUCH ALIVE and WELL!!!!

All expressed life is UNBORN, because we only see a limited portion of the LIFE process our understanding of the law of life is also very limited. We fail to see or even understand the full process of physical life and astral life.

DEATH is an ILLUSION, which when understood, will take away the fear and dread of dying and going into oblivion.

All  fears of death will melt away when you fully understand that life and the essence of which you are, is eternal and everlasting. We incarnate here from the astral plane, gather experience and then return back to the astral plane in our astral bodies which coexist within us while in physical form.

Blessings. A Poem by Ann Gibbins

Blessings we all have, but we take them for granted.

Love we all receive but do we give enough?

Eternity is ours but do we realise it?

Spirit is what we are, but do we know it?

Spirituality should guide our life, but does it?

Infinite is the power of God within us

Never forget we are divine

God is within and around us

So say thank you God for that greatest blessing of all.

We always welcome contributions for our Sunday addresses and inspired writing posts. If you would like to submit an original address or inspired writing to westonspiritualistchurch@yahoo.co.uk, we will look to publish it on the website and our Facebook page as long as it is in line with our Seven Principles of Spiritualism.