Foundations in Life and Spirituality. An Address by Darren Turner

This address is about laying foundations in life and spiritually also how we rush to get from A to B.

We all want to get to a certain place or point in our lives as it is in our nature to achieve success or something, we feel we want. For most it is some form of materialistic things, such as money, big house, car etc. 

But do we need that much?

We are all too busy trying to achieve without putting in the foundations or appreciating the journey of life. The journey gives us the lessons to build on and to go forward, if you look on social media, as one example, a lot is about I have achieved this or that or what I will achieve.

But what about the spirit, the essence of us all, do we think enough about it, do we appreciate it or even realise the impact and help we receive from our higher self and those in the spirit, regardless if you believe or not.  

As a medium I am always privileged, humbled and aware that the work I do is not just myself, there is a team in spirit helping, guiding and connecting spirit with loved ones, providing the foundations and lessons I need to learn to help those I can.  

All too often spirit reminds us that we are more than we see with the physical, we are more than we are told or made to believe by others, more than the doubts or insecurities we may believe or had told to us in a world where everyone is trying to be better than anyone else.

So why do we do it, it does not need any big awakening it just takes love compassion empathy and above all setting the right foundations.  

Giving kindness, love, compassion, and empathy does not just stop at giving to others you know but sending out to everyone.  

Those that have wronged you those that have come and gone.  Just this one small act can change the foundations of your physical and spiritual life.

Darren Turner Medium

September 2020 Update

To all our Members and friends of Weston-super-Mare Spiritualist Church

We hope you are keeping well and staying safe. We have missed seeing you in the Church. We are working closely with the SNU and Government guidelines to see when we can safely open the doors to the church. For the moment, the Church remains closed to protect the safety of the lovely visiting mediums, our committee, volunteers and, the wonderful congregation. We will be reviewing the situation at the end of November.

In the meantime, we will be added inspirational writing and addresses to this page and Facebook.

If you would like to receive absent healing from our Healing Team or would like to request it on behalf of someone else including a pet, please send an email to including just the first name of those in need of healing.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and ongoing support.

Love & Blessings to you all

President & Committee Members